Breeze Fresh Dairy

M/s BreezeFresh Dairy and Agro Farms Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi is setting up a Hi-tech integrated cow farm with Milk processing ,Bio gas & Organic manure production in Batlagundu, Kodai Kanal Road, near Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu on approximately 110 acres of land . Project site is suitably connected with transport and communication facilities.

BreezeFresh Dairy intends to transform the quality of milk delivered to the customers. The company intends to bring the most modern farm equipments & techniques from around the world. The milk produced at the farm would be untouched by human hands to retain its purity.

Size of the farm at full capacity would be 5000 HF adult cows along with their follow ups. The farm will be under the full time supervision of experienced expat farm manager.

The company will promote use of modern farming techniques with the view to develop the sources of fodder supply as well as to boost the income of the farmers.